Ready for Re-entry?

It has been nine months since my last post. I know what you’re thinking. “That’s no way to build an audience.” You’re right. But to be honest, the weight of the pandemic was literally suffocating—both metaphorically, and literally, when it come to welcoming voice students.

Nine months later, after having held our collective breath for nearly 18 months, we have begun to exhale out the stale air and breathe in expectantly. Choirs are gathering. Actors are rehearsing lines. The activities of our lives sustained by our voices are reviving. We are again mindful of our voices—their function and condition.

If you caught any of the opening of the summer Olympics, you saw the dramatization of the year-long suspension felt by the athletes. Videos show how they maintained their training routines while locked down at home making use of whatever was available. They were undeterred.

I realize few, if any, of us were facing the equivalence of a vocal Olympics this summer; so perhaps vocal training during the pandemic has not been a priority. But now, we are re-entering those places in our lives where we depend on our voices. Are you ready for re-entry?

To schedule a vocal wellness check up or a series of vocal training sessions, contact me.

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