Timothy Wilds is a rare gem of a teacher with diverse experience and training in the singing world. I am a public school music teacher (band director), church musician, and song writer. I came to Timothy to increase my comfort and skill in singing for my students and for my congregation. As he simply explained the mechanics of the voice over a short period of time and gave me a variety of strategies to overcome my vocal challenges, my confidence is now soaring as I sing and record in a variety of musical settings.

— Michael from MA (school teacher, church musician, song writer)

Having led worship for forty years, I needed a tune-up! So I contracted Mr. Timothy Wilds for help. He invited me to think about my voice in distinct, new ways. His understanding and practical applications helped me grow in confidence with my own voice and I have found a qualitative difference in my singing. It is exciting to have “Ah-ha” moments! But there’s more than technique involved because one’s voice is supported with body, soul, and spirit – and Mr. Wilds encourages that journey also. A good teacher has a love of his own craft, intuitive expression, personal discipline and a generous spirit.  Mr. Wilds has all that and more.

— Laura from NC (pastor, worship leader)

I’m a 70 year old retired professional singer who has sung with small opera companies on the east coast, been a paid section leader in both churches and choral performances. I have a degree in voice performance from the State University of New York at Purchase.  I have taught numerous voice students who have gone on to further their musical goals. I even started an opera company in 2000 in St. Augustine, FL. Until I found Timothy Wilds, I had a problem break in my lower passaggio. Timothy has helped me to understand how and why it exists, and has offered me insights and tools to overcome it. I’ve had lots of coaches and vocal teachers to work with and NO ONE has attacked this head on as has Timothy. Can you imagine what it feels like to be 70 years old with a new bag of tricks?  Simply amazing!!  

— Barbara from NC (singer/actor, choir director, speech and language pathologist)

After 28 years as a vocalist, working with a number of vocal coaches, I felt that I had discovered all I could about my vocal instrument. After working with Timothy, however, I learned that I could add elements to my singing that I had not realized possible. Timothy’s knowledge of Estill Voice Training opened up a whole new world for me, increasing my ability to adapt my voice to a variety of styles that I felt unequipped to attempt prior. Timothy is also skilled at effectively describing the physical aspects of singing in a way that is easy to understand by providing numerous examples and demonstrations. I highly recommend working with Timothy for anyone from new to experienced singers that are looking to add versatility to their singing while maintaining proper vocal technique.

— Justin from NC (music director, singer/actor, barbershopper)

Timothy is a delightfully encouraging and talented voice teacher. Through his support I have grown to appreciate my own voice and enhance my singing. As a longtime alto, I was convinced a high F (F5) was beyond me.  With Timothy’s methods, I now have that pitch in my arsenal. As a new choral director, there is a lot I am learning about how to get the sound I want from my community choir.  Timothy introduced me to the Estill Voice System which has helped me understand the “mechanics” of my voice and those in my women’s choir. Estill and Timothy have helped the choir sound better than ever!

— Althea from NC (women’s choir director, singer)

The year that I have had the pleasure of working with Timothy Wilds has been a year of constant discovery and progress. His repeated maxim of, “You don’t have a range problem, you have an access problem,” is a set of words I hear in my sleep almost, but rings ever true. I am a baritone trying to make my way in musical theater, and it is a massive help having a voice teacher with the same voice type. He also has a way of consistent positive affirmation that makes me really believe in myself and in what he teaches. The Estil voice method is one that breaks down the voice in separate structures and provides a detailed understanding of how sound is produced. I can use what I have learned about Estil to continue to coach myself and become the best singer I can be.

— Connor from TN (singer/actor)

As a student of Timothy’s over the past three years, I have benefited greatly from his
Estill teaching method. The lessons are always tailored to each student’s current capabilities and preferences, with vocal exercises that bring immediate results with
regular practice. Whether you are seeking to casually expand your abilities, or wish to seriously challenge your physiology and development, you will find that the Estill Method, along with Timothy’s friendly manner and professional guidance, will provide the results you desire.

— David from NC (singer/actor)

Working with Timothy Wilds has increased my singing ability far beyond what I thought I was capable of – when he introduced me to the Estill Voice Technique I was very excited, and have learned so much! Specifically about how to control my sound, as well as the quality of that sound. My voice is freer and I feel braver to try different things that I haven’t experimented with before. His training helped me grasp what my body is doing when I’m singing, and having that awareness has been wonderful. He is a fantastic and knowledgeable teacher – I look forward to working/training with him more in the future! 

— Natalie from TN (singer/actor)

I have learned so much about my voice since I began studying Estill with Timothy Wilds. From placement to access to him even bringing in a second pair of ears to help me unlock my coloratura range, I have grown as a singer in ways I couldn’t imagine. Timothy has inspired me to continue growing, and also to expand my knowledge so that one day I will be able to teach Estill to students of my own.

— Chloe from NC (singer/actor)