Learning begins—again.

I don’t know about you, but it took until the start of May for it to finally sink in—life is gonna’ be different for a while. Before that I think I went through the days, and then weeks, like the traveler whose flight gets delayed, and delayed, and delayed again. You just hang and wait. There’ll be a plane soon, right?

Well, no plane arrived. So, now what?

I took inspiration from the quote in my first blog post. It was time to turn to learning.

Beside rereading parts of my Estill Voice Training System course instruction manual, I am also watching video lessons on the site Get Vocal Now (http://get vocal-now.com and resources at the site Integrated Vocal Pedagogy http://integratedvocalpedagogy.com.

I was drawn to these because I’m a voice geek but primarily because my chief mentor on my Estill Voice journey has been Kerrie Obert, MA-CCC/SLP, who started these sites, with the help of colleagues.

My first lessons have been instructive about the tongue and the misinformation often communicated about this vital part of the human body,

I’ve also been revisiting my good friend twang and its creators, the pharyngeal constrictors. In addition, Kerrie has helped me get a better grasp on ring in the voice and role of the root of the tongue in creating it.

Bottom line in my learning so far: you can’t know enough.

If you’d like help learning more about your voice, contact me. I’d love to help.

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